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Small Ammonite Crystal

Small Ammonite Crystal

This listing is for one Ammonite crystal specimen, measuring approximately 3cm by 2.5cm. 

Ammonite is a powerful healing crystal, that can offer support through periods of change and transition, as well as encouragement to remain open and positive to the possibilities of the future. It's spiral acts as a symbol of the natural cycles of the Earth and all of her inhabitants; Ammonite reminds you to be mindful of your own natural cycles, and release from damaging patterns and habits that may not be serving your highest good. This crystal is also useful when working to connect with ancestors and Otherworld beings, as it facilitates spiritual connection. Ideal for those who are working to identify or understand their life's purpose, and to activate inner passion, motivation and authenticity. 

This item was cleansed, anointed and charged in my personal altar space, then infused in grounded Earth energy of the enchanted forest prior to being listed.

*Props not included.

7.88 CAD