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Mini Amethyst Point

Mini Amethyst Point

This listing is for one small Amethyst crystal point, measuring approximately 1.5 - 2cm in length, and 1.5 - 3cm wide.

Amethyst has been used for ages as a protective stone, and to ward of negative energies or spirits. It is said to heal both emotional and physical health issues, and aide in connection with one's own personal power. Amethyst is a popular crystal for those who wish to relieve impatience, nightmares, insomnia, and anxiety and an unbalanced Crown Chakra. Many believe that it helps to treat disorders of the nervous system, as well. A wonderful stone for those who seek calm, peaceful energy, and a stable, grounded space. 

This item was cleansed, anointed and charged in my personal altar space, then infused in grounded Earth energy of the enchanted forest prior to being listed.

*Props not included.

2.88 CAD