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Mabon Oil Infusion

Mabon Oil Infusion

This Mabon Oil was hand-crafted at the Autumn Equinox of 2016. The infusion charged in my personal altar space through to Yule, and finally bathed in the light of the January Snow Moon, 2017 before being transfered into glass vials. 

Made with a Grapeseed carrier oil, this special blend has been infused with therapeutic-grade essential oils, crystals, dried herbs and rock salt. Perfect for calling in energies of abundance, protection, motivation, completion of a task or situation, preparation for life changes, planning for the future or simply for inviting a general sense of comfort and security, this oil can be used to anoint sacred tools and jewelry, or for specific spell work. 

⚜ Remember, in order to recieve the wealth, health and happiness that you seek, you must first put in the work to achieve it ~ you may only reap that which has grown from the seeds that you have sown. ⚜

Each clear glass vial contains approximately 2 - 3 ml (40 - 45 drops) of Mabon Oil.

This item was cleansed, anointed and charged in my personal altar space prior to being listed. All orders are wrapped and shipped with care.

*Props not included.

3.88 CAD