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Lemon Balm (dried)

Lemon Balm (dried)

These Lemon Balm leaves were collected and hung to dry for a full lunar cycle, beginning on the Full Moon in August, 2016. It has since been charged and stored in my personal sacred space. Each package contains one heaping tablespoon of dried and crushed Lemon Balm leaves, hand measured with care. 

Lemon Balm (Melissa Officinalis), is a member of the mint family. It has a strong lemon scent, and has been used for hundreds of years for its calming properties, to help reduce stress and anxiety, aid digestion, stimulate appetite, relieve gas, bloating and colic. It is also an excellent herb to use as a mild sedative, and assist in overcoming insomnia. It has been recommended to those experiencing depression and melancholy.

Spiritually, Lemon Balm embodies a feminine energy, excellent for working with Goddesses - in particular, Venus & Diana. A plant sacred to the moon, its element association is Water. It is used to uplift the spirit, bring cheer to those feeling blue, and to drive away negative energy and wayward spirits. Planted in your gardens, it is said to protect the land and it's occupants from harm and hardship.

Used in spells and rituals, Lemon Balm is attuned to the areas of:
  • love, fertility & physical attraction
  • as an aphrodisiac 
  • depression, anxiety & stress
  • relaxation & focus
  • invocation of the Goddess
  • goal setting
  • healing of pets & children
  • enhancing intuition & clarity
  • attraction of happiness & success
  • release of unhealthy addictions & behaviors
  • protection & warding

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**Disclaimer ~ Tarot & Thyme, Jechanovia and all affiliates are not responsible for illness, loss or damage caused by use of this or any of our products. These herbs were grown in our home gardens, in which we use no chemicals. Some laws and regulations state that I must label this product as being intended for ritual, ceremonial or other external use only. Content in this and all other listings are provided as a courtesy, and should never replace the care and advice of doctors, counselors or other professionals. Use at your own risk. 

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