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Faerie Flowers

Faerie Flowers

These adorable, tiny flowers are perfectly suited for ritual, spell or ceremonial work. Their small size is perfect for any faerie magicks, and can be added to spell bottles, incense, and other offerings. Faerie Flowers do not seem to have a scent, but have been stored in such a way that they may have residual smells attached from other sacred herbs that share their shelf. Each package contains one heaping teaspoon of dried faerie flowers, hand measured with care. I do not recommend that you eat or take these flowers internally.

Used in spells and rituals, Faerie Flowers are attuned to the areas of:
  • love and flirtation
  • abundance
  • inner child
  • invocation of faerie magick
  • nature worship
  • ushering in fun and playful energy
  • forgiveness
  • lightheartedness and good humour

*Props not included.

**Disclaimer ~ Tarot & Thyme, Jechanovia and all affiliates are not responsible for illness, loss or damage caused by use of this or any of our products. These herbs were grown in our home gardens, in which we use no chemicals. Some laws and regulations state that I must label this product as being intended for ritual, ceremonial or other external use only. Content in this and all other listings are provided as a courtesy, and should never replace the care and advice of doctors, counselors or other professionals. Use at your own risk.

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