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Fae Finder Seashell Pendant

Fae Finder Seashell Pendant

This listing is for one handmade seashell pendant. Measures 1".

Hand-collected by Jechanovia from the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, this shell pendant is one of a kind. Infused with the power and strength of the Ocean spirits, this pendant will surround you with water energy, encouraging you to express your dreams, fears and messages in loving ways. It will assist in emotional healing, and help its wearer to find their voice and speak from the heart. Seashells are known to be symbols of the Divine Feminine, and are worn by many to invoke the energy of the Goddess.

Fae Finders, also known as Hag Stones or Witch Stones, are thought to be portals into other realms. Many have awakened their ability to scry by gazing through the hole, receiving messages and guidance from guardians and guides.

This item was cleansed, anointed and charged in my personal altar space prior to being listed.

*Props not included.

8.88 CAD