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Crossed Arrows Necklace

Crossed Arrows Necklace

This listing is for one silver-toned necklace with crossed arrow design.

Nodding to both the Two of Swords and the Two of Wands of the Tarot, the crossed arrows can indicate a crossroads, or a decision to be made ~ the blue stone reminds you to express your truth in these situations, and follow your intuition. Take your time and plan ahead - be ready for adventure, and set your course. You won't get anywhere if you don't take that first step! Finally, the symbolism of the arrows crossing will offer protection on your journey, creating a shield through which you will see obstacles as they approach. 

This item was cleansed, anointed and charged in my personal altar space prior to being listed. All orders are wrapped and shipped with care.

*Props not included.

10.88 CAD