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Celtic Tree Chakra Pendant

Celtic Tree Chakra Pendant

This listing is for one silver-toned Celtic Tree Chakra Pendant. Pendant measures 1 3/4". Please note that this listing does not include a chain.

The Celtic Tree of Life is a sacred symbol to many on a Celtic Pagan journey. It is a symbol of balance and harmony, drawing resources and energy from all elements, in order to grow and nurture itself, and in turn, nurture the people of the land. In Ancient Celtic tribes, a single tree was left standing in any field which was cleared, and became a gathering place for meetings, celebrations, healing and rituals. 

The tree also represents wisdom, truth, strength and steadfastness, and by connecting with the energy of the sacred Celtic Tree of Life, it is believed that we can take these qualities on ourselves. 

The cycle of birth, death, dormancy and rebirth can be observed of the Tree of Life, as it continues its seasonal changes, year after year. This is one of the reasons that the Ancient Celts held their rituals, rites and celebrations beneath and among trees, such as births, marriages and deaths, as well as the traditional sacred days which followed the agricultural year. 

Finally, the Celtic Tree of Life is also believed to represent the connection between the physical and ethereal realms; Gwynvyd (Upperworld), Abred (the physical realm/Middleworld), and Annwn (Underworld). The Tree can help us grow, physically and spiritually, by offering us food, shelter and messages from the spirit world. 

The application of the Chakras to the Celtic Tree of Life is a nod to the fact that the Ancient Celts had an understanding of the energy centers of the body, and these can be related to those associated with the human body. Today, there are hundreds of resources available to anyone who would like to learn more about the seven main Chakras, and how they relate to your mental, physical and spiritual health, and I encourage you to apply the principals in your daily life.

This item was cleansed, anointed and charged in my personal altar space prior to being listed. All orders are wrapped and shipped with care.

*Props not included.

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